Will Dry Cleaning Increases The Lifespan Of Your Clothes?

Will Dry Cleaning Increases The Lifespan Of Your Clothes?

Dry cleaning is taken for granted many times and some myths revolve around the mind that the dry cleaning of clothes may ruin the texture and quality of delicate and expensive clothes. Many of us avoid dry cleaning of clothes thinking that it will decrease the lifespan of the fabric and turn it faded during washing.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a method of washing clothes without using water. The dry cleaning method was invented in 1885 and it has been improving since then. In this washing method, a chemical solvent is used to remove dirt and impurities from textiles. The clothes are cleaned using a gentle petroleum solvent called perchloroethylene. It simply detaches the dirt and oils present in textiles without damaging the quality of the clothes.

When the cloth is released in the washing chamber with a certain amount of solvent in the machines and when the machines rotate the dirt and germ lift and are suspended in the solvent and it makes the cloth clean and shiny. If the clothes have tough stains, then there are different methods to clean the fabric and need attention to wash the delicate textiles.

Is Dry Cleaning Offering A Longer Lifespan To Clothing?

The most common confusion about dry cleaning is that it will reduce the lifespan of the clothes but here we tell you that it is a false statement and dry cleaning will add life to cloth instead of reducing the life cycle of clothes.

These are the following reasons for dry cleaning that offer a long span to clothing.

Dry Cleaning Of Clothes Is Less Abrasive

Some textiles are sensitive to heat and water and they get affected while washing in the washing machine. Clothes immersed in water in the washing machine and commercial washing agitate heat while spinning to process the cleaning of clothes. In dry cleaning process, the cleaning is not done by using water and the tumble of the machine moves slowly when water is not in use this result in less wear and tear on your expensive and delicate fabric.

Dry Cleaning Preserves The Quality Of Fabric

Tears and shrinkage of clothes are common in washing machine cleaning and this is awful but this is not the only way that clothes got ruined in machine cleaning. Cleaning with gentle solvents can prevent the clothes from losing their natural texture and color.

Dry Cleaning Deals Tough On Stains

The solvents used to clean delicate and luxurious clothes in dry cleaning is much gentler and softer than the washing machine process but these solvents remove tough stains gently and carefully without harming the quality of clothes.


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