What Equipment Is Required To Start Your Dry Cleaning Service?

What Equipment Is Required To Start Your Dry Cleaning Service?

A dry cleaning business is something that offers a valuable and great service to people looking for businesses that do their laundry. The demand for laundry is always in almost every household. A business in an urban area has more potential to thrive and make more profit. With proper plan and execution, you can have your own business and earn a profit from your work. Many Dry cleaning franchises in India are earning well by providing dry cleaning business.

Starting a dry-cleaning business is a good way to meet people to provide a great solution for their daily laundry needs. Well owning a dry cleaning business is not all about fun and play. There are many things you have to arrange and make decisions about daily. The main decision is to procure cleaning equipment for your business. If you are planning to open a business laundry business training in India are available and let you learn the basic of dry cleaning before opening the shop.

Below is the list of cleaning equipment that makes you sweat less and let you do more work effectively and efficiently in your day to day operations.

To open a new dry cleaning business, you need the following items to get started.

  • Payment for service system or cash register

  • Business software and computer

  • Rotating coat rack

  • Clothes dryers and washing machine

  • Chemical for Cleaning

  • Presses for clothes

  • Sorting Bins

Cash Register or Payment for Laundry Service System

The cash register or POS system is a way of collecting and maintaining data of your transaction and inventory details with the number of clothes are taken in or dispatched to the customer. The basic difference between a cash register and a POS system is a digital way of managing the data and a cash register is a manual and traditional form of maintaining the data.

Computer with Business Software

The computer has become an essential entity for every business as it holds records of all stuff and manages to keep you updated to make your inventory and business planning to stop any mess in work.

Rotating Coat Rack

Rotating coat rack is a coat keeping rack that holds the clothes in a proper and sorted way that can help to present the look of shop belter and luxurious. Most old dry cleaning shops do not own any rotating rack for coats.

Washers and Dryers

The main and most sought cleaning equipment is washers and dryers for your dry cleaning business. These are the equipment that does the laundry of clothes and makes your work more professional.

Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals for clothes is just another most important thing to be in the store. A chemical help to restore the shine and provides a sparkling clean appearance to the clothes.


Presses are also an essential piece of machine that is required in a dry cleaning business. The press is used to straighten the wrinkles of clothes after wash makes them return to their original shape. Without pressing the clothes, you are not able to satisfy your customer by your dry cleaning service as the pressed clothes appearance stands out and look good to the customer.

Sorting Bins

Sorting bin is cornered and not so considered equipment but it is great to have equipment in the shop to sort the clothes as the details with customer identity. These sorting bins make your task easy and increase your productivity.


These are all the points that you consider before opening a business or if you are opening a business under any dry cleaning franchise then the company will provide you SOP. Washmart is one of the best laundry franchises in India that provides laundry training in India to establish a new dry cleaning business. Contact with Washmart team for any assistance in opening a shop under any dry cleaning franchise business.