Top Tips For First-time Laundry Doers

Top Tips For First-time Laundry Doers

Laundry is a cloth cleaning process that we all have to do. Many of us prefer doing laundry every day and some do their laundry at the weekend. We have been doing laundry for years but sometimes the results won’t satisfy us much. This is because we are lacking the proper types of equipment in house; or do not know how to do laundry that is new to cloth washing. Usually, doing laundry is unusual in a busy lifestyle because; there are many important things to complete in day to day life other than a corporate and busy lifestyle. The most we suffer about doing laundry is lack of knowledge or the lack of experience to handle different fabric; at the same time and the not the support of experts that gives us top tips for first-time laundry.

Laundry is not your highlight of the week because; you have to make time for loved ones and off course for you also. Sometimes laundry becomes boring and irritating when it steals time from me-time. Let’s look at the possible ways to manage and do your laundry; when you are new or doing laundry for the first time.

The laundry business in India is booming day by day due to the busy work schedule in cities. There are many laundry businesses are seeking opportunities in India to open and run a successful laundry business. Washmart Laundry is delivering a laundry franchise in India with proper guidance and handhold support.

Here are some top tips for first-time laundry doers and these tips will work as laundry business training in India.

Maintain the right water temperature

The different types of clothes need different water temperatures to get washed. The key to cleaning clothes properly and safely is to maintain the right water temperature. Coldwater works well with those which are prone to bleed or chances of shrinkage. Coldwater is cost-effective and may be used for most fabrics. Hot water is used for bed sheets, towels and cotton clothes that are heavily stained.

Choose the right detergent

Many of us tend to buy the detergent that is always preferred by our parents; or we try to grab the cheaper detergent to do the washing of our clothes. There are many detergents to choose from according to the fabric quality; of the clothes rather select one detergent for all our clothes. Powdered detergents are commonly used detergents and work very well but sometimes when used in cold water; it does not dissolve properly and leave a white mark on clothes. A Liquid detergent contains enzymes; that are good for woolen clothes and they have stained removing solutions that are good for clothes.

Avoid Bleeding Colors

Always sort your clothes on their fabric quality and properties to make sure they do not bleed colours in washing. Make a separate list of clothes that have a high chance of bleeding colours. To identify the cloth is bleeding or not wet the suspected cloth and rub the cloth with cotton bud; if the dye transfers colours to the bud wash the cloth separately to avoid the discoloration of other clothes.

Avoid Shrinking and stretching

The main reason for the shrinkage of cloth is using too much cold water for washing the clothes. It leads the woven fabric to contract in most of the clothes. Not every type of fabric got contracted by washing with cold water; it is limited to only a few fabrics.

Stretching of clothes takes place while we use too much hot water for washing the clothes; very warm water leads to elaborate the fabric from its original shape. The way we handle our clothes defines its sustainability for long years. Proper handling and good care of clothes make them be in wearable condition for long years.

Do proper care for your wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are very expensive and need utmost care to handle them after wearing them. Wedding dresses are cleaned only by trained experts that are qualified to handle the clothes with care. Some of the newly opened laundry business franchise accepts the cleaning responsibility of wedding dress; but they didn’t provide cleaning satisfaction to the clients.  By keeping the problem of new laundry business Washmart is offering dry cleaning franchise in India; with proper guidance and total support to run the laundry service in India.


These points will surely add knowledge to your bucket and give you deep insight into washing tips; to take care of your clothes.

If you ever feel that your clothes are a hindrance in your me-time; never think twice to contact Washmart for all your laundry needs.

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