Tips On How To Dry Clean Winter Clothes

Tips On How To Dry Clean Winter Clothes

The 2022 year has come to an end and winter has slowly arrived. Since the winter season is slightly mild in India, it is a favourite season for people. In every home, there is a rush to get all the coverings, blankets, and warm outfits from the mouldy corner or wardrobe they had been stored in after last winter left us.

Winter is also a season for being stylish. It gives us the chance to adorn all the elegant cashmere, woolen coats, and jackets from our wardrobes. However, our winter clothes need more care and attention than our regular laundry cleaning. Even though there is an opportunity to avail of the cleaning services of professional laundry & dry cleaning company, i.e., Washmart, you should know the fundamentals of taking care of your winter outfits.

Cleaning The Clothes Inside Out

Most winter clothes are based on fleece or fur fabric materials and they are more endangered to get ruined by harsh cleaning chemicals and even any normal washing powders. They can stiffen the fur and fleece very simply. So, it is suggested that all the fur and fleece clothes must be twirled inside out and then dry cleaned in any season.

Nourishing Leather Jackets and Coats

It is also seen that suede coats and leather jackets are normally used in the winter season and they also need some special care and attention to maintain them or else they are more than at risk of dirt. All leather-based garments, jackets, and suede coats demand very distinctive ordering to clean them, or else, a tiny mistake can poorly damage the overall clothing fabric and quality. It is also enjoined that you must follow expert dry cleaners' stain removal process prior to cleaning the clothes.

Drying Woolen Clothes

Since woolen clothes soak up a lot of water, it is recommended not to hang them for the drying process. As they become substantial, hanging them can lose their original shape. So, the perfect way is just to put them out on a flat surface and let them dry out at room temperature or in normal sunlight.

Folding the Clothes Rightly

There is a conclusive way of folding your winter special clothes including coats and jackets. If you don’t fold them in the best way, your woolen clothes can build lines in unusual areas, which just appear bad when you wear them again.

Few Things to Remember

Always read care guides on their labels to give special attention to the garments. Remember that each fabric quality has its own way of care, which is best understood by the expert dry cleaners in India. Try to keep garments clean and shining, and they will appear new for many winter seasons.

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