Things That Decide Your Clothes Need Dry Clean

Things That Decide Your Clothes Need Dry Clean

You have a wardrobe full of clothes and special dresses, but how do you decide which ones to wear for what occasion? How do you figure out which outfit needs to be dry cleaned or laundered for the next outing?

These days, everyone is fond of making their collection for special occasion outfits including their much-loved suits and designer wedding dresses get damaged as time passes. But when you hand over those outfits to professional dry cleaners, your clothes are handled with more care than the garments washes in the washing machine at home. Getting your clothes cleaned by an expert dry cleaning company near me, there will be no loss in fabric quality. This can absolutely help with the lifespan of special dresses, stop stretching, and enhance the look and appearance of your clothing.

You can choose home dry cleaning equipment on some special dresses if its garment care label displays “dry clean” or “dry clean only”. Although, this doesn’t say that every garment or dress can be dry cleaned at home.

Here are a few things to consider prior to deciding on “professional dry cleaning” to clean your clothes.


Read the dress care label to check the type of fabric of the garment. Wash it at home only if you have an idea about the fabric quality. For instance, you might have knowledge about fibres including cotton, silk, wool, etc. And you will very conveniently determine washing solutions for such garments. However, for special dresses or fabric, choose the best dry cleaning franchise store near me.

Inner Lining

If the garments have inner linings, you should inspect whether the fibre is washable or not. For example, Leather and polyester do not get cleaned with a normal wash at home. Whereas, inner linings of cotton and rayon are inclined to a contraction while laundry. Inner linings with silk or wool need special care while being dry cleaned.

Color Blend

If a cloth loses color, don’t clean it by yourself. To test the colorfastness of your cloth, you can dip a cotton mop in normal water and rub it on the cloth. Ensure you do it on the edge or at inner side. If colour gets diminished and marks on the cotton swab then you must hire dry cleaners near me for the job. If not, you will lose the primary hues and shine of the garment.

Increase in Lifespan

If a garment is stored in your wardrobe for long years and it has lost its primary shine and color, it must demand special attention. Washing and cleaning it at home may enfeeble the fabric quality. Because sometimes those fabrics lose their capacity to face normal laundry solvents, bleaching solutions. You can very conveniently book a doorstep Dry cleaning or laundry service at Washmart in your city.


“Dry Clean Only” labels aren’t the only factor to hand over your clothes to the dry cleaning franchise store near me. Washing garments by hand is time-taking. Taking them to the dry cleaning professionals instead allow you to spend time with friends and family.

Do you have “Dry Clean Only" clothes that need professional care? Book an expert dry cleaning company near me or contact us for pick-up and doorstep services to save precious time.