Reasons Why You Should Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them

Reasons Why You Should Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them

As soon as we buy new clothes, we are eager to try the clothes; as early as possible after reaching home. Most persons are not aware about new clothes are most often harmful chemicals to enhance their look at retail stores. The presence of harmful chemicals can cause itches and rashes to some persons when wearing new clothes without washing them.

Why Chemical is Used in Cloth Manufacturing?

Several experienced dry cleaning professionals in the field of the cloth manufacturing industry; confirm washing clothes is a wise decision before wearing them. The current fashion designers use chemicals to enhance the colour and texture of the fabric used in the cloth. The addition of these chemicals to cloth makes them easier to wash, iron, fold and even make stain-resistant.

The chemicals are used to make a shiny appearance on clothes to lure customers to retail stores. This is done to make a fresh look of clothes kept in retail stores. We at Washmart Laundry, offers the best solution for dry cleaning and laundry services near you in affordable charges.

Must Follow Steps To Avoid Itchy Clothes

The best way to prevent the itchiness from new clothes is to wash them several times before trying them on. Sometimes the clothes contain dispersal dyes when the labels on clothes mention “wash separately”. You should always follow the washing instruction written on clothes as not all clothes require intense home washing; but some of the clothes are only washed by dry-cleaning method because certain types of clothes may damage; by washing in a normal washer or dryer. Washmart lets you to enjoy and do complete all your washing by providing dry cleaning franchise nearest to your home.

Users who have sensitive skins may look for natural fabric clothes; that are not intensely dyed by avoiding such clothes you will be avoiding the allergic irritation on skins. The clothes you are putting on should make you feel better and comfortable.

The appropriate use of chemicals in cloth manufacturing; is fundamental in terms of the safety and social responsibility of textile manufacturing companies. The way to avoid buying clothes with harmful chemical compositions; is to buy from GOTS (“Global Organic Textile Standard”) certified stores.

Clothes and Apparel experts have made clear that before wearing new clothes; it is a must to wash them twice to avoid any type of skin rashes or skin irritation.

Important Reasons To Wash Clothes Before Wearing

It is very important to wash new clothes before putting them on; because it may cause some irritation to the skin. These are the following reasons why you should always wash clothes before wearing them.

New Clothes are Prone To Transfer Skin Rashes

According to skin experts and dermatologists, some dispersed dyes are found in new clothes; that may cause dermatitis when contact with skin. These types of dyes contain allergens and may result in inflammation of the skin. This condition leads to rashes and itches on the skin and also irritates the skin. You can avoid allergic irritation to the skin by simply washing the new clothes before wearing them. Laundry business training in India is a program run by Washmart to; make aware of the washing and maintain the clothes quality and hygiene.

Germs on Tried Clothes

When you went for buying new clothes the chances of germs on clothes; are very high because the clothes may have been tried by some other persons more than any number of guesses. The chances of increased germs on clothes include the pants, undergarments and shirts. The types of germs are norovirus, fecal germs, and different types of bacteria. There are many laundry businesses in India that provide laundry franchise in India.


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