Proven Ways To Prevent Clothes From Shrinking

Proven Ways To Prevent Clothes From Shrinking

Just imagine you have given your favourite clothes for washing and after drying, you have worn them but you find that they are tighter than before. It means it gets shrunk in the dryer. Sometimes washing and drying clothes can cause a reduction in size, and if in between your clothes get damaged then they will become unwearable soon.

It's a very common issue people face while washing clothes or drying without the help of professional laundry services but don’t worry, here we will tell you some causes and some effective tips that will help you prevent your clothes from shrinking.

Why do clothes get shrink?

Mainly, fabrics are very delicate and you have to give special attention, but some fabrics are not chemical resistant and can melt even in high temperatures.

There are some clothes that are not machine washable you have to wash them by hand. Clothes can be permanently got damaged while washing with chlorine-based detergents.

A major reason for clothes to get shrink is high temperature and agitation which can also give color distortion. If cotton, woollen & linen fabric are washed too vigorously then they can get tighten together.

Steps to prevent clothes from shrinkage

Check label and laundry instructions

First, you should always see labels or instructions before buying clothes or doing laundry. To prevent your clothes from shrinkage you must follow laundry instructions. Some clothes are only for dry cleaning process, you cannot give them for washing without understanding suggested water, temperature, and other instructions.

Sort out clothes according to fabrics & colors

You will see some fibers are very resistant, while others are not. Delicate fabrics and colors should be cleaned by hand with cold water and air-dried for avoiding color fading and shrinkage. Remember always separating light-coloured clothes from a dark color to avoid bleeding.

Use cold water

Mainly clothes got shrink when they are washed at high temperatures. You should always wash your clothes in cold water, just remember this one rule to prevent shrinkage. Also avoiding high-heat drying and fast spins can also prevent your clothes to get shrink. Almost all laundry services in India use cold water for washing so you can also refer to their services.

Don’t use too much detergent

It's important to use the detergent in the right amount that your clothes required. Also avoid chlorine-based detergents as they can cause melt, damage, and shrinkage of fabrics. Mainly, laundry services in India have experts so they very well know how much detergent they should use.

For fragile synthetic textiles, don’t use fabric softener as they give a lot of damage.

Use air drying

There will be a lot of benefits if you air dries your clothes like electricity saving, reduces carbon emission, increases life of clothes, and prevents from a shrink. Most of the fabrics can’t go through tumble drying and can shrink or melt with high temperatures. It’s always a better option to air dry your clothes.

By using these techniques, you can easily prevent your clothes from shrinkage. If you are not sure about how to properly take care of your clothes, you can find any affordable dry cleaning service provider. If not able to find one then don’t worry, you can bring your clothes to Washmart our laundry service experts who will wash and dry your clothes in the right manner.

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