Laundry Cleaning Tips For Winter Season

Laundry Cleaning Tips For Winter Season

The Winter season tends you to bundle yourself in layers to get yourself warm; or say protect yourself from cold breezes. In this process, the quantity of clothes gets increased so as the washing of clothes.  Only proper care of the woolen clothes prevents them from getting damaged. An expensive winter clothes need extra care and protection to preserve them for further use.  Many questions in your head keep surfing across your thoughts like how do I take care of my clothes? How to store them properly? What are ways to wash and dry woolen clothes to retain their quality and texture? Here in this article, we will discover how to retain the warmth and texture of woolen clothes; even after the usage for many years.

Following are the simple and effective tips to take care of your winter clothes, blankets and comforters. Strictly follow the care instruction written on the clothes.

Gentle Machine Wash

Hand-washing or dry-washing is not feasible for many in the winter season. The best practice they exercise is that they can wash their winter clothes in a washing machine; by keeping the settings in gentle washing mode.

Tossing between to wash or not to wash

Washing or not washing is a confusing question in the case of woolen clothes; when it comes to taking care of deliberate and soft fibers. Experts suggest wearing inner clothes under woolen clothes like sweaters, jackets and coats. This way leads to washing only inner clothes and you will be able to wear; the woolen clothes and be saved to wash them routinely along with other laundry. On the other side when your clothes meet stains make sure to wash them quickly; using enzymes that are suitable for washing winter woolen clothes.

When to use mild or strong detergent?

It purely depends on you that how you choose the type of your detergent. The use of detergent also varies according to the fabric of the clothes. Some suggest using strong detergent to save energy and time. In this we recommend you to use mild detergent giving extra time and energy to save the quality of clothes.

Give extra time in the dryer

It is a hectic task in winter to get the clothes dried; as they easily and quickly dried in the sunny and summer season. As we recommend you spin more in a dryer to get your clothes dried; it eliminates the extra water and moisture from the clothes.

Lines dry the winter clothes

Dry the winter woolen clothes using a towel bar or the rod of your shower or using any collapsible racks. These techniques are termed the line dry method in winter. With this, the wet attire helps to increase the level of moisture in the dry winter air.

Keep the clothes air-dried from getting crunched

Add half a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle; that helps to keep clothes soft and eliminate the extra detergent. Shake out the clothes and dry in the air for some time.


Do follow these tips to get yourself ready in winters to tackle the problem of washing winter woolen clothes. These tips will surely help you get your work done efficiently and effectively. Winter clothes require a little extra care than summer season; because the clothes take extra time to dry they are much more sensitive; to stains and dust or any other foreign particle that may the overall quality of clothes. You must approach a professional service provider of laundry franchise in India to enjoy the best services. Many dry cleaning franchises claim that they have years of experience; but they lack the basic washing skills and claim that they have laundry business training in India.

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