How To Clean And Care For Winter Coats?

How To Clean And Care For Winter Coats?

Washing coats on your own is convenient if you have a proper idea of the right solvents and processes to use and how to manage different fabrics perfectly. So, we have come up with this article to share a comprehensive solution for winter coat dry cleaning that can help you maintain special clothes like a pro.

Cleaning Winter Coats

When it is about winter coats and jackets dry cleaning, different materials and fabrics are fabricated to prevent cold and dryness during the winter season. Different fabrics need special attention and proper care to protect and maintain your carefully opted outerwear looking its best. When you want to clean your coat or jacket, check the care labels first. If you simply throw it in the household washing machine, it will be damaged! Although, for winter coats that require special care, here are a number of methods to clean the winter coats most likely to be found in your wardrobe.

Down Coats and Vests

Wash down coats and vests once or multiple times during the winter season. But too much cleaning can be the reason for the feathers to break down. Wash in cold water on soft with a non-detergent solvent to prevent demolishing the feathers. Dry Clean your coat on low along with a few tennis balls to dust the crest. To prevent shrinking, make sure the coat is absolutely dry, even if it takes extra time.


You can wash wool coats in every winter season to allow them to appear shining, not untidy. However, most will have to be cleaned by expert dry cleaners near me. To detach dry dirt that comes to the outer side, clean with a stiff brush. Spot-clean the collar and cuffs with a moistened cloth and gentle soap, or use a home dry cleaning equipment to clean and freshen your winter wool clothes.

Leather and Suede

Professional dry cleaning is suggested to keep your leather fabric looking perfect, but you can also clean your winter coat with a special leather lotion to keep it delicate and prevent splitting. You can also spot-clean many leather marks with expert leather cleaners. The Suede should be cleaned frequently to maintain it in standard condition.

Storing Winter coats

When winter ultimately runs away and is replaced by hot weather, it’s time to perfectly clean and store your winter coats. This not only secures them from untimely wear and tear, but proper storage means they’ll be organized to wear straight out of storage in the next season.

Cleaning Label

Inspect the care information and guidelines on the label and wash deeply before storing. Wool, leather, and suede should be cleaned by an expert dry cleaning franchise in India, i.e., Washmart. Check all the pockets to ensure there are no unfastened articles that could harm the coat and jackets, such as pens and keys.

Hang Elegant and Heavy Coats

If any coats have been dry cleaned, remove the shielding plastic covers. Use heavy, wide hangers that can comfortably support the weight of the coat, then cover the coats with permeable garment bags to secure them from mold and mildew.

If you follow these winter coat dry cleaning and storing tips, your coats will keep you warm and dry for many winter seasons. For professional dry cleaning services, connect with Washmart.