How The Dry Cleaning Process Works

How The Dry Cleaning Process Works

Washing and cleaning your clothes has been a normal home activity for long years. Dry cleaning process is different. It's a method that cleans clothes without using water, it is a waterless process. The cleaning solution that is used is a fluid, and all clothes are plunged and washed in a liquid solvent — the truth that there is no water involved is the process, so it is known as "dry cleaning." We will take a brief look at the dry cleaning service so that you can know what your clothes experience after you leave them off at the professional dry cleaners in India!

Commercial Dry Cleaning Process

The commercial or professional dry cleaning solutions start in your local dry cleaning stores when you leave your dirty garments. Nowadays, most local dry cleaners do not have sufficient and large cleaning machines and automations on-store; many will pass your laundry to the commercial cleaning company in the city. This is more cost-effective for the small laundry stores than having equipment at every small location. However, Washmart dry cleaning team believes in in-house cleaning process and outcomes. We make sure you will get the highest standard of dry cleaning service at our stores in your city.

Garment Labelling

Every garment is labelled with a unique code or number. Some dry cleaners use paper labels that are jointed or sticked to the clothes. While a few uses an iron-on strip with an indelibly allocated barcode for daily customers. Similar dirty clothes from different customers are dry cleaned together and labelling makes sure that your garments come back to you.

Garment Inspection

Before clothes gets dry cleaned, they are checked for personal belongings left in pockets, cuts, and lost buttons. These items are given back to the same customers and all issues are considered as points known before process for cleaning.

Stain Pre-Care

As part of the examination process, the cleaner look for tough stains on the garments and remedies them before the machine cleaning techniques. If you are familiar with what created the particular stain, it is exceedingly pleasant to let the cleaner understand in purpose to ensure the best outcomes in the stain uprooting process.

Machine Dry Cleaning

Dirty clothes are filled into a large container machine and washed with a waterless eco-friendly dry cleaning solvent. The clothes are ideally blended in the solution which makes the grime loosen. The solvent is then evacuated, processed, and recycled and the garments get cleansed in an unpreserved solution to make sure the stain gets detached completely.

Post Spotting

The dry cleaning technique works very nice in separating oil stains and stubborn stains with the help of the eco-friendly chemical solvent. Although, other kinds of marks and grimes do not remove successfully. Therefore, all clothes are post spotted to check for abiding stains. The dirt is treated with steam, chemical solvents, or advanced equipment to detach any remaining marks from the clothes. Washmart dry cleaning services in India are the one-stop solution for all cleaning needs.


The ultimate stage involves getting the cloth ready to wear. This process involves detaching or pressing creases, reconnecting buttons, or making restorations. Garments are then covered or folded to deliver back to the customer. The packaging bags offered are eco-friendly and are only there to assist you to get your garments to your doorstep without any hassle.

What Makes Washmart Unique?

Washmart is a dry cleaning and laundry service provider across many states in India. Our laundry franchise stores make sure the laundry bags are designed in a way not to absorb moisture inside. Once your garments are cleaned, they’ll become fresh and shining until they are delivered to your doorstep.

Our dry cleaning service is a 100?o-friendly process as it saves clothes and stops the emancipation of any dangerous solvents into the environment that come along with old dry cleaning processes. Get in touch with our dry cleaning franchise near me to avail of our services.