How Often Should You Clean Your Clothes?

How Often Should You Clean Your Clothes?

How regular you should wash your clothes relies on what you’re washing. Garments you wear like undergarments, socks, and other clothes close to wearing over skin should be cleaned often, while other kinds of clothing can be used many times before sending them to laundry store. Continue reading for more knowledge on how regularly to finish your laundry jobs. Estimating twice before tossing your attires into the laundry store can increase the duration of your special clothes and also assist you to save water and time, which is beneficial for both the atmosphere and your home expenditures.

Although, how do you actually know if your garments need washing? It's not just that you have taught about doing laundry! So, we at Washmart, like to share the best ways to assist you find if something is really "dirty" enough to clean. Research shows that 70 percent of dust on garments can be unnoticeable, so there’s many more to those evidently clean clothes than you might expect.

The grimes our body absorbs are jumped onto our clothes and that have to be detached from there, not only for good cleanliness but also for special clothes longevity as they can grow up over time and change the clothes to become gloomy, uninteresting, and stiff ultimately odors can arise.

Disinfect Your Washer Often

While hot water, laundry cleaning solutions, and bleach helps in removing germs and bacteria, finish the work with a laundry cleanser or you may look for the nearest laundry service to schedule your pickup from Washmart Laundry. If you have time, add detergents to your washer to remove 90% of bacteria.

Set the Water Temperature

Exquisite cloth fabrics like wool or silk are better to wash using cold water. It’s generally the easiest bet since it’s more eco-friendly and won’t harm, discolor, or diminish cloth fabrics. Although, warm water is the best choice when you’re looking to detach stains, dirt, or germs from garments. You may also finish it by taking help from best laundry franchise in India.

Separate Clothes Carefully

While dividing lights and darks is a must, there are many other methods to separate clothing to get the best cleaning results. Separate grimy or infected clothes from lightly stained clothing, and rough fabrics from subtle ones.

Don’t Overload

Give your washer the space to wash, rinse and spin around, and properly dispense detergent and fabric solvents. Ignore filling your washer to the top level, so that you will experience the best quality of cleaning. Washmart laundry service in India is another option to save your time and energy.

Regular Wear

Relying on your daily schedule, if you’re wearing cloth for a short period and not sweating, it’s safe to wear it once again before washing and ironing. For instance, if you are an business person or working as an employee and you don't have much time for laundry, get the dry cleaning and laundry assistance from the best laundry franchise.


Bath towels should be cleaned after every 3 to 4 time usage, and facecloths should be cleaned every 3 to 5 uses. Both towels and facecloths should be maintained on regular basis to avoid skin issues.

Hand towels and kitchen towels must be washed on daily basis, and the wipes that are utilized to wipe up floors or dusting should be cleaned after every purpose.


In many situations, a wash after every use isn’t required. However, when you need to do laundry, there are even a lot of safe and effective laundry methods you can try. To avail the laundry and dry cleaning services, check for your nearest location to schedule pickup from Washmart Laundry.