Easy Ways To Get Holi Colours Off Your Clothes

Easy Ways To Get Holi Colours Off Your Clothes

The best technique to detach colour spots from clothes is by not getting any colour on them. Just Kidding! Anyhow the vibrant stains of colour are going to make their presence on your clothes. Because it's time to play Holi!

Maybe you’re a keen candidate who organizes aside older garments, just for this special occasion wear or you are one of those people who sit behind doors but get apprehended unknowingly either at the office premises or while travelling, and good, new clothes get ruined.

If you have faced this kind of issue and looking for how to remove colour spots from clothes without distorting the clothes' fabric and uneasy methods like brushing for hours, then you are not alone.

Methods To Remove Holi Colours

Bleach: If the garments are white, just soak them in hot water with bleach powder. Wash and dry them apart to stop the colour from infusing onto other garments.

White Vinegar: Mix a cup of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of detergent powder in cold water in a bucket. The acid performs the mirage here and removes the colour from your garments.

Lemon juice: The acidic essence of lemon assists detaches the stain from clothes. Rinse the spots in lemon juice for half an hour and cleanse softly with your hands. Wash as normal, but one at a time.

Hire Professional Cleaners: If you still do not get rid of Holi colors off your clothes, hire the expert laundry cleaners near me.

How to Remove Those Resistant Holi Colours

Wash splashed clothes as soon as possible. The longer you take to wash off the colors on your clothes, the tougher it becomes to separate them. Bring those non-washable clothes to the dry cleaning stores at quickly and experience the effective service at Washmart           .

Apart from Ariel or other detergents, most of the solvent chemicals used to detach stains can be harsh on the hands if you wash them manually. Wear gloves and use a soft toothbrush to implement the chemicals on clothes at home.

Don't mix the stained and normal clothes together, and also never blend two stain-removal products at a time. Some color marks are robust and require much effort in the removal process.

Wash the treated clothes deeply to detach all spots of the used chemical while washing fabrics. Don’t make use of chlorine bleach on colored clothes as it will blemish the original color of the garment.

These are above-mentioned tips are effective and safe to remove Holi colors from your clothes. By using these tips, you can keep your garments as shining and happy as you are. May this Holi bring joy and color into your life. For professional laundry and dry cleaning services, contact Washmart laundry stores near you.