Dry Cleaning Or Laundry- How To Choose Between The Two

Dry Cleaning Or Laundry- How To Choose Between The Two

There is a lot of dry cleaning and laundry service franchise in India that better understands what is suitable for your garments and fabrics. They are familiar with the best cleaning practices and solutions for your special fabrics and companies like Washmart let you offer your special clothes for laundry too. So, it is not always significant to hand over your costly or special wear for dry cleaning, as Washmart can clean those garments for you in the most effective way feasible with its reasonable cleaning services. 

Dry clean and laundry-the two choices that have usually made customers get confused as to what to opt for their garments. After all, who wants their clothes ruined because of incautious cleaning solutions? While there are many garments or fabrics that can be washed and treated using normal laundry practices, there are a few which require professional dry cleaning services.

On the basis of the dirt and the fabric material, you can choose for dry cleaning or launder your garments. The grimy clothes are manually examined and stubborn stains are specially cured with eco-friendly chemicals at Washmart laundry stores near me. Professional laundry service providers use state-of-the-art cleaning machines and solutions that use a specific amount of detergents for utmost experience. The laundered clothes are ironed and folded before delivering them to your doorstep.

Now, confusion appears that how to decide between the two options. If you are not sure about the cleaning processes for your garments, look for the label on your clothes to decide how your fabrics should be washed or cleaned. For any consultation, you can directly get in touch with Washmart cleaning professionals to resolve your query.

The dry cleaning process is accomplished with a chemical solvent to clean the special clothes while the laundry process includes washing clothes using water as a solvent. There are exceptional fabrics that mostly need to dry clean including silk, velvet, wool, etc., and some heavy materials like curtains, rugs, and carpets.

What is Laundry?

Professional laundry is likely more famous since it is a usual procedure like doing laundry at home. Laundry requires washing the clothes in a washing machine using water and special solvents. Laundry is more eco-friendly than dry cleaning solutions since it has no use of robust or harmful solvents, and the detergents and refreshers are safe.

About Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is not just a dry functioning, and it does not direct to a dry cleaning system, as the name shows. The dry cleaning services mean that eco-friendly chemicals or solvents are preferred despite using water in this method. The special clothes are drenched in the solvent-filled tool and cleaned without the utilization of water.

Once the dry cleaning process gets finished, our expert cleaning professionals will iron and make it ready for delivery. Nowadays, most industry leaders have restricted using toxic or environmentally harmful chemical solutions in regard to making the earth green.


There are many dry cleaning and laundry franchise businesses in India that know what is perfect for clothes and special fabrics treatment. They are aware of the best cleaning practices for your fabrics and companies like Washmart is always available to serve you at the doorstep with a single click.