Difference Between Dry Cleaning And Laundering

Difference Between Dry Cleaning And Laundering

Clean and neat cloth is a must-have requirement in daily life because; there are so many occasions that your appearance could make a difference that may be positive and negative as well.  In your personality, the role of clean clothes is very much because clothes are designed according to occasions and place. For example, when you are in an interview then your professional clean look; will make a great impact in front of the interviewer.  Yes, stains happen and they ruin the look of the cloth very badly; and it is fact that your favorite cloth may fade at some point in time.  That is why a good washing solution for clothes is best to keep its look and quality maintained.

The busy life schedule in metro cities has let people go in search to outsource their laundry needs. The professionals who are busy doing their office work have increased the number of laundry professionals to do their clothes. By outsourcing the laundry services the homemakers and professionals can save their time.

Depending on the type of fabric and dirt the cleaning process is defined; that is cleaned by the dry cleaning process or wet cleaning process.

Let us know the difference between dry cleaning services and laundering in points; to understand the process and operations used in dry cleaning and wet cleaning for all purposes.

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The points are as follows describing the difference between dry cleaning and laundering.

No Water Used in Dry Cleaning

As in the name, dry cleaning means using safe and environmentally friendly chemicals and solvents without using water to clean the clothes without affecting the quality and colour of the cloth. The dry cleaning method of washing cloth is used to remove hard and deep stains and other grease oil.

In the laundry cleaning method, the tough stains and grease oil are not removed properly as it uses not many strong chemicals and enzymes because with adding water to certain chemicals the solution becomes waste that’s why laundry washing is not for removing tough and deeper stains.

Clothes are Dried Using a Machine

The drying method used in traditional laundry method is drying the cloth using tumble and spin in that case the cloth shrinking chances are there but in case of dry cleaning the clothes are not dried by using any traditional method and water as it maintains its original shape and size.

High-Quality Clothes Don’t Get Damaged

High-quality clothes and fabrics like cashmere, coat and leather, silk and wool can be damaged when washed with water. Cleaning these clothes using the dry cleaning services; can protect these delicate fabrics from getting damaged so the life of these clothes may last longer.

Dry cleaning of clothes prevents fading and ageing of clothes; and it protects the overall quality condition of clothes as compared to traditional washing methods. If you want to keep your expensive clothes for long then go for dry-cleaning washing method; to enjoy the delicacy and beauty of your clothes.

Time Saving Concept

Dry cleaning requires less human effort and is a fast cleaning method as compared to the traditional laundry washing technique. From washing to cleaning and pressing in dry cleaning the operations are carried out by machine. With the help of a machine, the speed of doing clothes is increased; and hence the damaging chance of clothes is nil as all process is done mechanically.

On the other hand the laundry consumes much time and requires much more human effort; and yet in the traditional method the washing is done by machines; but washing and some other methods require manual intervention and this consumes a lot of time.


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